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A quiet mind in a lousy world
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Career inspiration

5 years as a commodity analyst and trader in the commodity futures and derivatives industry, she has accumulated understanding and experience in this section and more importantly still maintains thick enthusiasm for it. That’s why she spent years struggling and finally passed all three levels of exam of CFA; That’s why she is keeping a wide-open eye for the market. Although it is concluded that 80 percent of traders are losing money to the rest 20 percent, she still holds confidence that herself canbe that 20 percent for most of the time. The trend up for algorithm trading also provides her will good reason to dive into informatics and analytics here in Boston.

Education path

  1. Apr,2019-Present, she is in Boston: this Informatics program in Northeastern University keeps her busy
  2. Dec, 2008-Feb, 2010, She was in Paris:project management really trained someone's process managing skills
  3. Sept,2004-Jun, 2008, she was in Beijing, on road for finance:that was the beginning of all these mathematical things

She speaks

She likes travelling, cooking, and doggy...

Fresh pond park
Fresh pond park
Longtime Lake
Longtime lake
Dawnlight Boston
Dawnlight Boston
Hand made cake
Hand made cake
Sleepy doggy
sleepy doggy